Another Juicing Option For Those Looking For Quiet Efficiency

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is an upright juice extractor that saves space on your countertop that is a real head turner. For anyone looking for a modern design as well as superior juicing performance, then this is the model made especially for you. It works to extract juice from fresh fruits and vegetables to help you improve your diet. The B6000 is extremely quiet as well as it operates at a relatively lower speed (50-60 RPM).

There is no time like the present to take better care of yourself and undo years of poor eating habits. Having a juicer is a convenient way to achieve this. However, just because something performs well doesn’t also mean that it should look good as well. This model really stands out in a lot of areas and below is just some of the ways that this juicer really impresses.

Features of the Kuvings B6000

There is not one perfect juicer out there for everyone’s needs, so it is important to find something that hits on exactly what you are hoping to get out of a juicer. This B6000 is a wonderful option for home users and there are a lot of reasons why this has been rated as one of the best juicers to hit the market in years. Let’s get into the details of how this machine can help you improve your daily diet.

The Cold Press Technique

Centrifugal juicers are designed to operate at quite high speeds, normally 6,000 to 13,000 RPM. They spin the produce with their sharp blades. These can barely operate at lower speeds as they wouldn’t be able to perform their job. High speeds tend to lead to juice oxidation, and in turn, destruct all nutrients contained in the juices.

Masticating juicers, on the other hand, work entirely different. They work to grind, masticate the produce before spinning it using tough, strong augers. These augers extract the juice right from the pulp. The case technique doesn’t require high speeds. Cold speed juicers usually operate within speeds of 70 to 80 RPM. Still yet, this technique helps prevent build up of heat whilst retaining the vitamins contained in the juice.

As the Kuvings B6000 operates at quite a low speed and with a 240-Watt motor, it’s able to prevent juice oxidation. Also, it’s able to retain all vitamins and other nutrients, hence boosting the number of healthy enzymes available. This low speed also proves preferably convenient considering that it enhances for low production of foam.

Large Feed Chute

Lower speed isn’t just the only improvement when this juicer is compared to most other cold press juicers. The larger feed chute is another worth mentioning. There have been lots of complaints regarding small feed chutes. Usually, such require that the produce be cut into small pieces even before proceeding.

With the Kuvings’ 3-inch feed chute, there isn’t ultimately any need to cut your food all time. All you’ll need to do is cut it into two, and this will work for virtually all kinds of produce. Kuvings notably makes juicing easier to do than ever before.


If you’re a juicing newbie, assembling and disassembling this juicer may seem hard. Though it could sound like a tough proposition, it’s yet quite easy. The B6000 comes along with detailed and well outlined instructions which will guide you through the entire process of assembling it, disassembling and cleaning it as well. In fact, you’ll find that you’ve already been used to doing this after juicing for 2 or 3 times using it. In addition, it’ll barely take more than 5 minutes to assemble or disassemble this unit.


Cleaning this Whole Slow Juicer is conveniently and reliably easy. It’ll take you around 2-3 minutes to completely remove the pulp from this juicer’s parts. You can do the cleaning simply by pouring water into the unit as well. If you do so, you’ll just have to let the water flow through the unit and allow for some time to clean the juicing bowl, strainer and auger.


Yes, the Kuvings B6000 does have a greatly powerful motor, and auger as well. However, it works suitably quietly, especially when compared to the centrifugal juicers. You’ll find it easy to make fresh juice in the early mornings without even waking up your family members, or the neighbors even. You’re more certain to notice the difference if you’ve used a centrifugal juicer before.


The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer has proven to extract the highest yield from that pulp you’ve put. It’s among the high-end juicers which extract juice while ensuring the highest efficiency possible, leaving only driest pulp. If planning to juice lots of leafy vegetables, including kale, cabbage, lettuce and wheatgrass, the masticating action of the B6000 offers very high juice yield.


The B6000 has been made from satisfyingly sturdy materials. It’s also BPA-free, implying that it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. The auger used in squeezing and pressing the juice from the pulp has been made from an ultra strong plastic. Virtually everything which comes in contact with the juice is conveniently made of safe, durable and easy-to-clean materials.


  • It has a conveniently large feed chute
  • It produces less foam than most other masticating juicers
  • It’s well easy to clean, assemble and disassemble
  • It comes along with several books containing handy recipes
  • It also boasts a self-cleaning feature
  • It’s quite easy on the ears as it operates at very slow speeds


  • The overheat protection may be a great safety feature, but it could prove quite annoying when you overwork the unit and it shuts off automatically.
  • It may be relatively more expensive than most other masticating juicers.
  • Just like other vertical-style juicing machines, the B6000 is prone to pulp jamming and clogging, especially if not properly maintained.

While it’s a newer model, the B6000 scores outstandingly well overall from the customer reviews that we have read. Some users have however been disappointed with its pricing. Making up for that, a basket attachment has been incorporated. This enables the machine to effectively make sorbet. Even with some of its drawbacks this still remains a best juicer pick for 2019.

The Kuvings B6000 incorporates several major improvements. These have made it a greatly attractive option for those seeking a way to enhance their diet, as well as those looking for an all-new, feature-packed vertical masticating juicer. It’ll prove to be quite a great space saver, especially if your kitchen doesn’t have that much counter space.

It boasts a wider feed chute, quite operation, a smart end cap, a decent overall performance and several cleaning tools. Notably, it had tried much to set itself apart from most other upright masticators. If seeking a top notch masticating juicer, the B6000 Whole Slow Juicer is definitely worth the investment as it not only performs well, but it will also bring a unique style to your kitchen.

A Budget Countertop Oven To Make Cooking Greens Affordable

While we love to juice everything in our fridge, it is always a good idea to cook some of your veggies as well for some fiber. This will definitely make your digestive system happy. There are some high end ovens available that you can use to cook a 5 course meal, but there are some other options for the simple things. If you do not have a big budget then this is the way to go. You can get something for your countertop that gets the job done without breaking the bank. One of the toaster ovens that we recommend is the Waring Pro. We have used it on several occasions and it will make a great addition to any kitchen. It’s time to see what this can do to help you prepare fabulous tasting greens.

The Waring Pro is probably the best customer rated model currently under $100. This 1500W convection oven is a versatile and budget-friendly addition to any kitchen. It also comes without a non-stick coating on the inside of the oven for those who are have safety concerns and prefer an oven that does not have this feature. With classic styling and dependable cooking performance, this Waring oven is a pretty straightforward appliance and great for those that don’t need all of the bells and whistles of some of the higher priced models.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 17 x 10.8 inches

Capacity: 6 slices of toast, 12” pizza

Oven Features

Simple Touch Pad Controls: Easy to use controls make using this oven simple. This oven features 6 preset cooking options that include; toast, bagel, pizza, broil, bake and convection bake. The digital display is easy to read and adjustments are a breeze to make.

Size: Even though it was designed for the counter top, this oven can accommodate quite a lot. From a 12 inch pizza to 6 slices of bread, this toaster oven can handle cooking chores able to feed more than just one person.

No Non-Stick Coating: Waring realized that some customers are weary of the chemicals that are used to produce non-stick coatings on the inside of ovens and designed a unit free of such concerns while also being easy to clean.

Convection Baking: A convection oven has a fan on the inside of the unit that blows and circulates the hot air while baking thus ensuring a more even distribution of heat on both sides of the food. Great for cakes and cookies.
Accessories: This oven comes with an baking pan, a tray for crumbs and one oven rack.

What Do Owners Think Of The Waring TCO650?

This oven is a favorite with owners primarily because of what it can accomplish for the price. Its high ratings are impressive and make this one of the top budget toaster oven options for any kitchen counter. Some of the aspects of this unit users really like include the following;

Performance: It does the simple things really well and this gets a great response from owners.

Value: Those who have purchased this toaster oven are generally very happy with what they get for their money. The TCO650 rates very high in this aspect from customers.

Ease of Use: Very simple to operate, with nicely laid out controls and display. It is also a breeze to clean up.

What Could Be Better:

Noise: A few owners voiced their displeasure on how loud this unit is when it beeps. If used in a confined space or small apartment, the noise can literally be quite alarming and annoying. Some users also wished the convection fan was a little bit quieter.

Who Should Buy This Toaster Oven?

Those looking to use their full size oven less, and want a simple and cost effective solution, then the Waring TCO650 is a great choice. It may not have the full capabilities of other higher priced ovens, but for the price it is a solid performer.

Who Should Not Buy This Oven?

If you are looking to do some serious cooking and are looking for an oven that excels in a wide variety of cooking tasks, then stepping up to one of the higher end toaster ovens would probably be a better fit.

Bottom Line

From reading through hundreds of customer reviews on the Waring Pro TCO650XL, its easy to see why this unit is so popular. This is one of the top toaster ovens on the market at its price point with user ratings in the mid to high 4’s out of 5. If you are looking for a budget toaster oven, then this model should be on your list for consideration. Check out the video below for a demonstration what this oven can deliver.

An Eye-Catching Juicer For Your Modern Kitchen

Slowstar upright juicer

The new trend in nutrition over the past few years is to juice your vegetables and fruits. More people want to improve their diet but they just don’t have the time to cook healthy home made meals. The next best thing is to drink the foods that are good for you and this is where having quality juicer comes into play.

Stainless steel is the new norm for modern kitchen appliances, but if you want something that has a little flare and a nice pop of color then we may have find the perfect option for your kitchen. The Tribest Slowstar upright juicer is one of the newer masticating juice extractors to hit the health and fitness world and its design and features really help it stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what this blazing red powerhouse can do.

SlowStar Features

This machine has a lot going for it which is why it scores so well in recent juicer reviews and ratings from health conscious owners. From its modern and bold design to its juicing performance, the Slowstar delivers a great juicing experience.

  • It works by slowly crushing and pressing your vegetables and fruits into a nutritious juice packed with vitamins and minerals. It is a juicer that can help you maximize the juice yield from your produce and make sure that nothing goes to waste. The slow action also helps reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into the juice which helps prevent spoilage.
  • The double-edged auger performs twice the work than the single traditional auger making this juicer a little bit faster. You can make several recipes of juices and drinks like nut butter, sauces, sorbets and pastes with this machine.
  • The juicer has a mincing attachment that makes the Slowstar juicer multi-purpose. It has a grinding attachment that makes it the only upright masticating juicer capable of making nut butters.
  • The Slowstar comes in the vertical design, and this allows the juice to go through it at a quicker rate compared to the traditional juicers. It also has cleaning brushes that make it easy and quick to clean.
  • It is extremely durable and can offer many years of reliable service. In the case of tear and wear due to use, one doesn’t have to purchase a new juicer as a whole. You can easily get replaceable parts on the market. Above all that, the juicer comes with ten years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The juicer uses a powerful 200-watt motor to make the juices and drinks and has a 47-rpm slow juicing auger to enable the user to get maximum quality from their foods. It comes with a heavy duty juicing screen that is long lasting and also prevents wear and tear.
  • The juicer comes with a convenient hand grip that makes it very easy to use and portable in case you have to move around. With the safety switch that the juicer has, it makes the juicer operational only when it has been properly assembled.
  • The slow speed of 47 rpm enables the juicer to preserve the needed enzymes in the fruits when blending them. You will get high-quality juices and that are fresh and healthy. The juicer can easily make juices from different fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, carrots and also leafy greens.
  • Another feature of the juicer is that it has three-stage speed reduction gears that prevent jamming while using the juicer. The juicer produces 30 ft lbs of torque and it can crush hard vegetables like carrots and other fibrous vegetables like celery.
  • It has a juice cap that prevents leaks as well as drips while one is switching the juice containers. Its juice cap is removable making it easy to clean. If you desire to pre-mix your juice, you can close the juice outlet.
  • For easier clean up, you can close the cap and add water to the auger housing so as to help pre-rinse the juicing screen. The juicer made of Ultem makes it stronger and durable as compared to other cheap plastic juicers. The Duoblade double-edged auger quickly cuts and also crushes the foods to produce more yields that contain less pulp in the juice.
  • This Tribest juicer is good for a person wishing to avoid foam, oxidation and nutrient loss when blending fruits. It also helps one to increase their yield of juices and drinks as well as reduce pulp. It is a juicer that one needs so as to preserve nutrients in their fruits and vegetables even after blending.

Some Cons of the Slowstar

This juicer does have a few things that could be better. Some of these include;

  • Price is one of the major drawbacks of this machine as it will run close to $300. While not the most expensive juice extractor, it will be a significant investment for most.
  • The bold styling may be a turn off for some as this juicer only comes in a shiny red color. If you are looking for stainless steel or white then you will have to look at a different juicer for something more traditional.
  • While the Slowstar can juice leafy vegetables, the juice yield is not quite as high as some other similar juicers. If you plan on juicing green leafy vegetables you might be better served with a different juicer.


Despite some of its minor hiccups, this Tribest juicer is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a machine that performs well with a variety of different fruits and vegetables that does not take up a lot of countertop space. It is currently a top juicer pick for 2019 and it is a great departure from the styling of most juice extractors on the market. There is a ton of positives that this small appliance delivers for users and even with a higher price it will offer you a lot of value. If you are looking to take your diet to the next level, then the Slowstar juicer would be a great weapon to have in your kitchen arsenal.