AV48 pull out rack system

The FIRST rotating rack system that pulls out and rotates 180 degrees in either direction.

Customize your audio video solution to any height, with any number of shelves!

Super strong pull out solution ideal for tight spaces!

Avrak, rotates inside your enclolsure

The original rotating audio video rack system!

The AVRAK spins inside your enclosure without the sliding in and out action.

Super strong for holding all your audio video equipment!

FT30 double wide rotating rack

Our double wide rotating audio video rack system is great for where you have lots of width but not much height.

The FATRAK is another industry first, designed to hold two standard components side by side.

As strong as all the rest with custom parts available as all of our audio video racks!


You only have a few components and you don't want a massive home theatre arrangement.

You want the perfect hidden home theatre but still want easy access!

AVSHELF is the absolute perfect solution for fitting our strong audio video rack solution to your home.

AV48 pull out rack system
Avrak, rotates inside your enclolsure
FT30 double wide rotating rack

The AVRAK on castor wheels is ideal for the media room at your facility as a strong, adjustable, elegant solution to your mobile AV needs.

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Install Tools

Pro tips for the best way to assemble your AVRAK product.

A few ideas that may improve upon your best designs.


Looking for the support of the a powerful audio video rack, and a table?

Move a ton of A/V equipment moving around with the stability of a mountain (on wheels).

FATRAK on castors is...

"My new audio video system is here!"

A stack of newly received audio video components!?  Where will you put them?  In an audio video rack of course!You just purchased your new home theater entertainment system and now you need the best way to install all your valuable components.

Home theatre lovers know the importance of organized and accessible components.

You have your seats row by row in that perfect home theatre room with those lights and big screen stretching out; and you're ready to wire that place for sound.

You take pride in how your components are displayed.

You want perfection in your home theatre.

"I need the best solution!"

You want an audio video rack system that is quick, easy to install and cost effective.

We provide a range of product meant to address all sorts of home theater circumstances.

Fast and easy access to all the your audio and video components in one place has never been this easy.

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AVRAK has a solution!

We specialize in audio video racking and are a standard in home theatre storage and accessibility.

We have an incredible range of options to customize your AVRAK solution to address everything you need.

A vented shelvingGet down with the table top shelf.  Or just rest your drink during the movie.Massive components?  Heavy Duty shelves.  Built to hold those heavy electrical transformers close to your audio video components.

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Make AVRAK YOUR solution!

Industry professionals and residential theater enthusiasts adore the AVRAK system because of our incredible customizability.

Modify the height, shelf dispersion, the types of shelving in a rack, put it on castor wheels, and so much more.  You can assemble your own AVRAK from our parts page alone!

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Online ordering for easy commerce!

Choose the product that best fits your needs and click "Add to cart" next to the rack size or part option you require.

Follow the steps to fill in your information and submit your order.

We review your choices, get an exact shipping quote within a business day and send you a completed invoice along with a PayPal payment link to finalize your purchase.

We will also enter your email address when booking your shipment so you know exactly where your AVRAK unit is and when it will arrive.

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